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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Save My Marriage Today?
The "Save My Marriage Today" course is a comprehensive collection of marriage rebuilding tools designed to assist troubled couples in turning around the negative patterns of behavior that exist in their marriages.

We have a range of experience with a large variety of problems among the members of the Save My Marriage Today team and have managed to help many couples in crisis turnaround their patterns of negative behavior. We have a range of life-changing e-books, and also have a new e-book specifically written for couples in extreme crisis. We also offer free access to personal consultations from a member of the "Save My Marriage Today" team.

I am sure that we can help with any problem that you may have in your marriage.
How do you know these marriage saving methods are safe?
The "Save My Marriage Today" course is a comprehensive collection of marriage rebuilding tools designed to assist troubled couples in turning around the negative patterns of behavior that exist in their marriages.

We have been offering solutions for couples in all types of marriage crises for a number of years now, and we rank very highly in our marketplace. We can only achieve this through the quality of the advice we impart and the material we have created so that we can assist couples in understanding the theory behind their marital issues and problems, and provide them with the tools and exercises necessary to apply these theories to their marriages.

We do not believe in manipulating partners to get your own way. We do not believe in playing tricks and deceiving your partner into changing. All of our work focuses on understanding yourself and your own behaviors and motivations, and then understanding your partner before developing communication skills and strategies to uncover the real issues and turn around your negative patterns of behavior.

We don't use magic potions or pills. We believe the answer to your marriage problems lies within you. The key to your marriage success is in your awareness of what is going on around you, and we provide you with the key to unlocking your potential and bringing back the love into your marriage.
Will the course title show up on my credit card bill?
No, you will be discretely billed as CLKBANK*COM, which is our billing company provider.

You can rest assured that no identifying details about the product will appear on your credit card statement. You can purchase "Save My Marriage Today" in complete confidence.
When will I get the program?
You’ll get the entire program in just five minutes from now. In fact, it could be sooner depending on your internet connection.

All you have to do is click the Buy Now button above, and follow the easy steps through the 100% secure checkout process. Then review your order and pay via Pay Pal, credit card, or even debit card.

Receive instant access to Hurricane Method including ALL of the FREE super bonuses… All ready to download to a phone, laptop, or tablet to access wherever and whenever. How easy is that?
What format is the program and will it work on a phone?
The main program is in PDF and mp3 format which means it can be download to a phone, tablet or computer, or any other device to easily access it instantly.
What is your returns policy?
We accept returns within 60 days of placing an order. For physical product returns, please send to Save My Marriage Today c/o Vervante Returns, 400 North Geneva Road, STE C, Lindon, UT 84042.
How much is shipping & handling?
Shipping & Handling costs are: $15 for all US orders, $25 for Canada, and $25 (minimum) for international orders.
What if I have extra questions?
No problem. It would be great to hear from you. We would love to help you personally if you have any extra questions. Please email us at We`ll respond as quickly as possible.